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  • Jasa Rehabilitasi Dan Pembuatan Instalasi Pengolahan Air (WTP dan WWTP)

Services Description Rehabilitation Services And Making Water Treatment Plant (WTP and WWTP)

Rehabilitation Services And Making Water Treatment Plant (WTP and WWTP)

Sepatan Water Treatment Plant (IPA) is the main water treatment plant owned by Aetra Tangerang. Sepatan IPA has a capacity of up to 900 liters / sec and takes raw water from the Cisadane river. With such a capacity, this IPA will be able to serve more than 70,000 home and industrial connections in Pasar Kemis, Sepatan, Cikupa, Balaraja, and Jayanti areas.

Sepatu IPA has used the latest water treatment technology to produce the best quality water. The water produced by IPA Sepatan has met PERMENKES no. 907 / MENKES / SK / VII / 2002 29 July 2001 and WHO so it is feasible for consumption by the public. IPA Sepatan also applies Backwash Recycling Process technology that will save raw water usage up to 5%.

These wastewater treatment products will be disposed of into the Cirarap River, but this waste will not be directly discharged into the river, but will be deposited in the sludge drying bed (sludge dryer) to produce filtrate that meets the wastewater requirements and is safe to Streamed into the river. This waste will not burden the pollutants to the river because the quality is better than the existing water quality of Cirarap River.

With a variety of embedded technologies, IPA Sepatan has managed to achieve high quality and efficiency without sacrificing the sustainability of the surrounding environment.

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